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Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, UK, US

Not bad for one week. PhotoWalkIdeas has been out for a week now, and we have users in 7 countries, and all the feedback we have had is positive.

We are looking for comment and suggestions that can help us make the product better, so fire away with ideas for improvements.

It is also is a little lonely in the Flickr group, so join us with some photos please. This week's word is 'boldly'.


Great Comments From Dave Cross

I go back a long with Dave Cross, back to the days before Photoshop!

When PhotoWalkIdeas was released, we asked Dave from some feedback, and he provided us with great feedback, and some interesting ideas for the next version.

He also provided use with a nice mention in his blog post. Thanks.

At the end of his current Maximum Photoshop tour, Dave will be doing a special presentation at the RA Photo Club in Ottawa.


The App is approved

An email from Apple confirms that the app is now available on the store. Please, give an try and let us know what you think.


Submission to the App Store

Its in, lets see how long it takes.

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