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Thanks to TWIP for the Mention

We have been long time listeners to the This Week in Photography podcast. So, in episode 161, when Frederick Van Johnson mentioned that they had used our PhotowalkIdeas iPhone app to select their photo mission for the week, we were very pleased. The followup from Steve Simon (who we got to meet as part of a great seminar at the RA Photo Club in Ottawa) was also appreciated.

We are going to make some changes to our Word of the Week to align it with the TWIP selections, so we will use the same word and move it Friday. Hopefully, no one will be disturbed by that.


Toronto Photo Walk uses PhotoWalkIdeas.

We just recently received this email from Paul Henman of

"I finally had a chance to introduce the Toronto Photo Walks group to your app yesterday and it went over really well! I used it to generate 10 "easy" words and shared the list with 30+ people at the start of our photo walk of Graffiti Alley. There was definitely a lot of discussion during the day as people compared their interpretations of the words, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what people post to our Flickr group."

Thanks to Paul and his Toronto crew for using the app, and we hope it spurred some creativity.


Date Set for Kelby World Wide Photo Walk

July 24th will be the date for the 2010 version of Scott Kelby's World Wide Photowalk. There are already over 875 walks organized, with more than 17,000 walkers organized.

A good companion for the day would be the PhotoWalkIdeas iPhone app to help you out stretching your creative vision.


France, Netherlands, Sweden, Turkey

Another couple of weeks of sales and we now have folks in 11 countries giving PhotoWalkIdeas a try. We are happy about that, though we would love to have some feedback and suggestions for what we can provide in the next update.


Easy, Medium, Hard?

So how did we decide what level of difficulty to assign to any of the words in the dictionary?

Well it was more art than science. If we felt you could ‘take’ the photo (i.e. no setup required), then it was easy. 

If you had to ‘make’ a photo, it was medium because some setup might be required.

If you had to really work on the setup, then it was hard.

That does not mean that you can't do a setup for an easy image, however, we hope you can find the images you need. Stretch out the imagination, and have some fun.