Random Ideas

The original concept for PhotoWalkIdeas was to generate a list of topics that a photographer could use to exercise your photographic imagination.

This original functionality is there, and lists of up to 20 words can randomly be selected from 6 topic areas and three levels of difficulty from the 5000 word data base.

Check out some random lists ->

We will be posting a video soon on how to create a random list. In the mean time enjoy Iceland!

  • Select the kind of ideas that you would like to work with (Abstracts, Adjectives, Adverbs, Nature, People or Urban).

  • Choose an difficulty level (Easy, Medium or Hard).

  • Pick the number of words that you would like to work on.

  • Tap on the ‘Create’ button and PhotoWalkIdeas will create a new Random List to work from.

Guided Tours

When you have a photographer friend come to town, where would you take them for a some great images?

If you can prepare and share a list, then any photographer can share in the tour by importing the list and working through your tour.

Check out some sample guided tour lists ->

  • Do your favourite photo walk, and create a new entry for each location that makes for a nice image. Include a description, and the GPS location.

  • Export and share the list.

  • When you visit a new city or locale, look for a shoot list that will guide you to interesting locations and import the list.

  • Enjoy a ‘guided’ photo walk.

We will be posting a video soon on how to create a random list. In the mean time enjoy Iceland!

Shoot Lists

One time shoot lists

When you have a shoot coming up and you need to make sure that all the shots you need are taken, create a shoot list. As you get each image, check it off as completed.

  • Create a new blank list, and add the new images to the list.

  • Check off the ideas as you complete the images.

Until the video is ready, enjoy some colours in Iceland.

Repeating Shoot Lists

For regular events, you can create a template that would allow the same list to be used repeatedly. The works especially for well for events.

  • Edit an existing list and mark it as a template.

  • With list list open, choose to export it as a duplicate list. This will make a duplicate list without the GPS information for any images that were captured.

We are still waiting for our videos, so again some fun from Iceland, all iPhone.