It has been a very long time between releases, so we have had a time to store up some great new features for the app:

  • Multiple lists: The app will now support multiple lists, as many as you want.
  • Import lists: The app can now import text to form a list. Just use the 'Import' page and a list can be pasted in.
  • Take photos: The app allows you to take photos in the app which will be stored in the iPhone library. 
  • Use the Photos Library: Bring in images from the iPhone Library to show with your individual ideas.
  • GPS coordinates: When you are looking at an individual idea, you can manually add the current GPS coordinates or the time. The will get added automatically when you flip the switch to complete.
  • Export Lists: You can export the list via eMail, Twitter or Facebook, as well as adding it to the Notes app.
  • Modern Design: The app also now has an interface that was designed for iOS 9.

In order to make all the changes, the app was rewritten from scratch in Swift, so updates will be easier to make.

The app has many features that carry over from v 1.0:

  • Random Word Lists: A 5000 word dictionary that can be used to randomly create your photo lists. 
  • Idea Completion: Each idea can be completed individually with automatic date and location completion, and checkmarks in the list view.

A few thoughts in the works for a future version:

  • An Apple Watch version that would allow you to look at a list on the watch.