Downtown Reykjavik Walk

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Title: Walk through Downtown Reykjavik

Comments: Lots of urban architecture shots with people around as well. Many interesting sites between locations.

Hallgrimskirkja - Starts and ends at this beautiful church with high ceilings and wonderful light. The trip to the bell tower is worth the time, 64.14203, -21.92708

Sun Voyager statue - Nice view of the bay and the cityscape in the background, 64.14759, -21.92237

Lighthouse in the harbour - Looking back at Harpa, 64.15183, -21.93202

Harpa - The opera house has some amazing lines inside and out. Night or day., 64.15004, -21.93249

Flea Market on Saturdays - Wild colours with lots of people., 64.14861, -21.93801

City Hall by the water, 64.1462, -21.94148

The original Parliament, 64.14731, -21.93576

Views of Hallgrimskirka, 64.14603, -21.93266