Downtown Reykjavik Walk

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Title: Walk through Downtown Reykjavik

Comments: Lots of urban architecture shots with people around as well. Many interesting sites between locations.

Hallgrimskirkja - Starts and ends at this beautiful church with high ceilings and wonderful light. The trip to the bell tower is worth the time, 64.14203, -21.92708

Sun Voyager statue - Nice view of the bay and the cityscape in the background, 64.14759, -21.92237

Lighthouse in the harbour - Looking back at Harpa, 64.15183, -21.93202

Harpa - The opera house has some amazing lines inside and out. Night or day., 64.15004, -21.93249

Flea Market on Saturdays - Wild colours with lots of people., 64.14861, -21.93801

City Hall by the water, 64.1462, -21.94148

The original Parliament, 64.14731, -21.93576

Views of Hallgrimskirka, 64.14603, -21.93266

Downtown Ottawa Walk

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Title: Walk through Downtown Ottawa

Comments: Lots of urban architecture shots with people around as well

Ottawa City Hall - A great starting/ending point with lots of underground parking or bike parking. Nice fountains outside and a good people place., 45.4213, -75.69178

National Art Centre - A very interesting building on its own (inside and out) and a great view of the Shaw Centre.,45.42374, -75.69307

National War Memorial - A moving location with statues and landscaping., 45.42399, -75.69533

Locks at the Rideau Canal - The locks cascade down to the Ottawa River and include an option to walk down to the Bytown historical museum. It is also steps away from the Canadian Photographic museum., 45.42484, -75.69509

Chateau Laurier - An interesting outside location with even more impressive views inside. The hotel also includes multiple portraits from Yousuf Karsh hanging inside., 45.42511, -75.69483

Views of Parliament Hill, 45.42637, -75.69729

Views of the hill - A nice place to stop for a rest and beverage., 45.42822, -75.69937

Maman Statue - The famous spider statue with either Notre Dame Cathedral for the National Gallery as a background., 45.42935, -75.69723

Nepean Point - Views up and down the Ottawa River at many interesting buildings and statues., 45.42946, -75.70164

Alexandra bridge views - A pedestrian friendly walk across the Ottawa River., 45.43032, -75.70492

Museum of Civilization - Views of the River and the Museum., 45.42973, -75.7081

Fountain with great backgrounds - Looks at Parliament Hills., 45.42966, -75.70903

Voyageur Pathway - A nice walk along with river with many scenic views, 45.42852, -75.70689

Scenic views of the River - Looking both directions on the river for some scenic views, 45.423, -75.71367

Parliament Hill views - An impressive location and incredible for sun rise shots., 45.42269, -75.7093

Have a seat with a statue, 45.41961, -75.70782

Fountain in the Garden of the provinces - A wonderful fountain with lots of interesting angles., 45.41888, -75.70794

Glass reflections on the Bank of Canada - Interesting differences in Architecture., 45.42153, -75.70227

Parliament Hill - Start with the flame and tour around the buildings. Changing of the guards on at 10:00 over the summer., 45.42376, -75.69874

The tower at the National Art Centre - Take a peek inside for repeating patterns, 45.42325, -75.69458